08 Feb

Flexible pouches on the rise

Flexible pouches grow in popularity!

CS have featured in a key article in Labels and Labelling magazine which discussed the rise in flexible packaging.

David Pittman wrote the article and he discussed brand owners, and the way they are finding ways to use digital pouches as way to lower cost due to their light weight and also reduce waste as they are more robust and less likely to break.

AT CS Flexible Pouches we know how much more prevalent  packaging redesigns are, and how seasonal and promotional campaigns are often the driver as a boost to sales.

Being responsive means going digital in many cases, as you can enjoy shorter lead times, no printing plates, more versioning, many varieties and personalisation in some cases.

CS flexible pouches are one of the thought leaders in the flexible digital pouch arenas. And our brand owner CS labels have worked hard to bring a quality product to market using digital.   Read the article here and find out how digital flexible pouches  can be a key sales driver for your business.

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