17 Dec 2015

CS wins Digital Printer Awards for flexible packaging

Our flexible packaging has won the Digital Printer Award for Innovation.

The Magazine, Digital Labels and Packaging Magazine run the awards and their Editor Sean Smyth has written an article about innovation and how our flexible packaging is groundbreaking technology.

The Digital Printer Award we won was for the work we have done with Graze, the snack leader. Graze wanted digital technology because they knew the quality was up to scratch and would do the brand justice as well as actually adding value to it. They order multiple sorts (over 100) of pouches based on what their customers order and this fluctuates immensely based on trends and tastes. Short lead times are key and the idea of no stock was an attractive aspect. Order only what you need, and go – like the boxes themselves.



You can read the article here.

Read more on this flexible packaging award



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17 Dec 2015

Graze diversify using stand-up pouches

We won 54% of the votes at the Solutions Awards for the Graze stand-up pouches we produced this year.

Graze chose digital for their stand-up pouches and for a very good reason. This article by the Solutions Awards explains it in more detail, you can read it here.

stand-up pouches solutions awards

Above – Simon Smith (right) collects the award.

Read more about how we won 54% of the votes in the ‘Packaging’ category at the Earth Island ‘Solutions Awards’ on Tuesday.



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